Clients We Cherish

At ITSC we believe a GSA should action as a DSA – Dedicated Sales Agent. We choose to represent high quality suppliers in the Global Travel Industry. Marriott International is our valued partner in the hospitality industry. The company stands for high integrity, putting people first and industry leadership. ITSC is proud to represent Marriott since 1991.


The Car Rental Industry offers a wide range of Car rental suppliers but none with the same high standards as Hertz Rent a Car. The fleet of Hertz includes safe and young cars and also the global footprint is a key selling point to the business travel market. ITSC is representing Hertz in the Dutch market since 2001 followed by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and the UK market.


Have you ever experiences a cancellation of your flight while you were on your way home? It asks a lot from your flexibility and the airline should do everything to make it up to you. At Stranded Flight Solutions they know what it takes to turned a destressed passenger into a loyal customer. Check out the website for more details and get in touch with ITSC to learn more.


With the largest content and 'easy-to-sell' program, Teldar travel becomes a market leader in each country they roll out. As of October 2017 Teldar travel is represented by ITSC for the Dutch market. The dedicated Teldar team is super motivated to concur the market.


On February 1st Miles Attack was launched by ITSC in the Dutch market. Miles Attack is a very strong platform for travelagents and partners to save and redeem points. Our team has a strong focus on expanding the program YOY.