Hertz has worked with ITSC as a GSA partner since 2002. Starting as source Benelux they now represent us in some of our key sales segments in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. The team, under the dynamic leadership of Frank Classen has managed to show consistently great results and has been awarded several times for their dedication and creativity. Their relentless energy and passion for the Hertz business is class leading, always being engaged in new ideas and strategy. Their thirst for knowledge is second to none. Time and again, ITSC have turned new business wins into long standing deep relationships for ongoing quality revenue growth. ITSC has the skill set to represent Hertz in discretionary Business Travel, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies as well as some OTA and broker partnerships. ITSC have built a high degree of trust and respect within the Hertz organization and partner network for smooth communication and process improvement. All in all, ITSC execute the Hertz objective of renting cars better than anyone else. 


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